Liquid crystanline waterproofing system

คริสตัลไลน์ กันซึม แบบเหลว

Crystalline is a permanent waterproofing system.

Reacts to prevent waterproofing throughout the concrete life. The only waterproofing system no water curing
🟢  Prevent leakage throughout the concrete life
🟢  It is a waterproofing system that curing concrete with air (Air Curing) does not require water curing.
🟢  Save time by not having to cure the water It works faster than the normal system up to 48 hours.
🟢  No water leakage because concrete curing is not required.
🟢  Works even at temperatures as low as -4°C
Crystallized waterproofing material
🟠  Suitable for waterproofing, filling gaps, strengthening, and protecting the surface from dust, such as walls, bridges, foundations, etc.
🟠  Can be used for both old and new concrete both inside and outside the structure
🟠  Helps to reduce porosity in concrete make the concrete opaque
🟠  Convenient to use by applying or spraying