Cementitious waterproofing


2-component waterproofing cement, containing a mixture for waterproofing and moisture protection. is a fine cement and modified polymer Mixed with special additives, non-toxic, can be used with drinking water. Suitable for waterproofing the bathroom and swimming pool

– Used as waterproofing for general water tanks and drinking water tanks, toilets, and swimming pool systems
– Used as a waterproofing basement wall in new construction and renovation works
– Able to cover small cracks in concrete structures (the structure that has stopped moving)

– Easy to use by using a brush, using a plastering trowel, or spray.
– No need to add water to mix
– Ready-mix from the factory Can be mixed together and used immediately.
– Can be used by plastering, applying, or using a spray machine
– Easy and fast mixing
– Has high adhesion strength
– Able to protect concrete structures against carbonation reactions (Carbonation)
– Tested to be safe when in contact with drinking water