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Grout to repair and strengthen concrete

Grout is a non-shrinking cement or cement grout. This material is It is the ready-mixed mortar. High compressive strength within a short time Does not shrink when solidified (Non-Shrink) is liquid, making it easy to work. The material is composed of cement, sizing sand, and other mixed materials, not mixed with metal powder (Non-Ferrous). concrete structure repair concrete foundation pouring Embedding or fixing parts

in pouring concrete If poorly controlled, cavities may occur. or lime water flows out of the form This can cause porosity, like a “honeycomb”, which reduces the strength of the structure to the extent that it may damage the building’s structure. Repairs can be made by pouring non-shrink grout to fill large holes. In case the cavities are so small that Non-Shrink Grout cement water cannot penetrate through. It May require repair with epoxy injection method or ultra-fine cement to penetrate to fill the pores throughout the structure Concrete may crack due to shrinkage or the structure is unable to withstand loads. In case the problem is caused by the structure, it must be fixed first. therefore repairing the cracks Cracks in concrete are repaired by spraying the cracks with epoxy. which after repaired in this way The cracked concrete will be homogeneous. and has the same strength as the original concrete, no cracks


  1. High Compressive Strength
  2. When dried, it will not condense or shrink
  3. Easy to use and flows easily in liquid form when applied


  1. Repairing of concrete structures
  2. Repairs hollow or porous concrete walls, and fill cavities
  3. Grouting beneath the base of bridge support beams.