Level the floor with epoxy mortar.

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Level the floor with epoxy mortar.

2-part epoxy mortar, clear color, can be mixed with sand or light powder for crack work. used as a middle layer to level The concrete surface is consistent. Epoxy Mortar Epoxy Mortar is a Solvent-Free, 2-component mortar (Part A and Part B). Epoxy Mortar is designed to be mixed with sand, used for leveling concrete surfaces, and for adjusting the thickness of epoxy paint systems that require high loading floors. Mortar systems are suitable for Industrial factory floors that are used for forklifts or other heavy industrial plants.

That’s why flooring like this is so popular these days and it’s a great topcoat. It also helps prevent bubbles and air holes. epoxy mortar For concrete floors or old cracked areas It is stronger than repair with concrete. Asphalt is used as a foundation for concrete floors.

For leveling, repairing holes, wells, adjusting damaged areas When dry, it does not shrink. can be painted over


– Excellent surface adhesion
– Strong and durable
– Leveling the surface instead of good cement
– Very pigmented, able to adhere to the topcoat well
– can be painted over
– Good weight gain