Cement grout or nonshrink grout

It is a ready-to-use special ready-mixed mortar containing cement, graded sand, and added chemicals when mixed with water. will have good flow properties Able to flow into the nooks and crannies without separating the layers or causing separation. (No greasy on the surface) High compressive strength at both the beginning and the end (> 300 KSC / 1 day), no shrinkage, good resistance to vibration and shock.

While concrete is cement + sand + stone + water, it has the ability to pour over a wide area, but it doesn’t flow well into the corners. because there is a mixture of stone When it dries and hardens, it shrinks slightly, giving an average compressive strength of 180 – 400 KSC at 28 days.
When is grout generally used? Often use grout or sleep in Sharing Grout In the pouring of small machine bases to big machines or vibrating machinery The work of pouring the base to support the columns Embedding work including repairing concrete structures and repair holes, cavities, gaps
🟠 Pouring the base of steel columns and concrete columns
🟠 Welding work of prefabricated concrete slabs
🟠 Machine pouring work
🟠 Various holes repair work
🟠 Pole mounting work
🟠 Concrete repair work