Crystallization Waterproof

ระบบกันซึมชนิดซีเมนต์ปฎิกิริยาตกผลึก (Crystallization Waterproof )

Crystallization Waterproof )

It is a single component crystallized waterproofing material. with a special reagent that has the property of penetrating crystals to create permanent crystals in the concrete surface which helps to seal the pores and small cracks Also known as (Hairline crack) of concrete, causing opacity in the concrete. Increases the corroded concrete to be stronger and denser. Help absorb water well. Once cured, the crystal structure will help strengthen the overall structure homogeneous with concrete Resistant to high water pressure, both positive and negative, possitive and negative pressure, non-toxic (Non-Toxic), can be used inside the well.

area of use

External underground structures, both floor, and walls. The floor is installed by sprinkling, the wall is painted 2 times, well, well, sewage well, bathroom, balcony.