Torching Membrane


Torching Membrane It is a prefabricated waterproofing membrane, torch-on membrane type, thickness 3 mm., sand face 4 mm., gray and green flake stone, produced from a special type of asphalt. and polymers (elastomeric and plastomeric) that are flexible, do not shrink, do not dry out easily. Features suitable for tropical climates Reinforced with APP polyester…

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Level the floor with epoxy mortar.

ปรับระดับพื้นด้วย epoxy mortar

Level the floor with epoxy mortar. 2-part epoxy mortar, clear color, can be mixed with sand or light powder for crack work. used as a middle layer to level The concrete surface is consistent. Epoxy Mortar Epoxy Mortar is a Solvent-Free, 2-component mortar (Part A and Part B). Epoxy Mortar is designed to be mixed…

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Liquid crystanline waterproofing system

คริสตัลไลน์ กันซึม แบบเหลว

Crystalline is a permanent waterproofing system. Reacts to prevent waterproofing throughout the concrete life. The only waterproofing system no water curing   Prevent leakage throughout the concrete life   It is a waterproofing system that curing concrete with air (Air Curing) does not require water curing.   Save time by not having to cure the…

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Waterproofing material, polyurethane type, flexible, single component.

วัสดุกันซึม ประเภทโพลียูรีเทน ยืดหยุ่น ส่วนประกอบเดียว

Waterproofing material, polyurethane type, flexible, single component. as roof waterproofing material single component Type of polyurethane coating type for concrete structures that need protection flexible After the material has cured, it forms a seamless film. benefits – Excellent adhesion on concrete surfaces – Can cover cracks well – Resistant to impact and scratches – It…

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Cementitious waterproofing


2-component waterproofing cement, containing a mixture for waterproofing and moisture protection. is a fine cement and modified polymer Mixed with special additives, non-toxic, can be used with drinking water. Suitable for waterproofing the bathroom and swimming pool usage – Used as waterproofing for general water tanks and drinking water tanks, toilets, and swimming pool systems…

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Cement grout or nonshrink grout It is a ready-to-use special ready-mixed mortar containing cement, graded sand, and added chemicals when mixed with water. will have good flow properties Able to flow into the nooks and crannies without separating the layers or causing separation. (No greasy on the surface) High compressive strength at both the beginning…

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Crystallization Waterproof

ระบบกันซึมชนิดซีเมนต์ปฎิกิริยาตกผลึก (Crystallization Waterproof )

Crystallization Waterproof ) It is a single component crystallized waterproofing material. with a special reagent that has the property of penetrating crystals to create permanent crystals in the concrete surface which helps to seal the pores and small cracks Also known as (Hairline crack) of concrete, causing opacity in the concrete. Increases the corroded concrete…

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Wet Film Thickness Gauge


Wet Film Thickness Gauge is a device manufactured for measuring the thickness of the sprayed material? While still wet or just finished spraying because, in the process of painting different colors, we need to know that the work that we have done. the thickness as specified or appropriate According to the color manufacturer or not?…

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