Precast wall leaking


Precast wall leak, why? The advantages of prefabricated walls are that they can be constructed quickly, are strong, and have a neat surface. Therefore, it is commonly used as the exterior wall of condominiums and housing estates in various projects. But often encountered the problem of waterproofing of the walls of buildings made of this…

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PE plastic applications before applying waterproofing cement


PE plastic sheet for foundation before applying waterproofing soft plastic sheet (Polyethylene) is made from polyethylene plastic beads. low density that are produced using a low pressure process make plastic pellets High quality, ability to hold more than general clear plastic. Better resistance to sunlight and friction. and is particularly suitable for use in the…

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic


Coating FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is to apply plastic polymer material to coat over glass fiber To form a thick film layer, fiberglass surface coating. Fiberglass is a reinforcing material with strong, durable properties that can withstand corrosion from acids, alkalis and chemicals as well. Does not rust, has a long service life. Chemical protection…

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Floor coating system Polyurethane (POLYURETHANE) or PU floor Polyurethane is a chemical specially designed for industrial, food, pharmaceutical, cold storage, industrial floors that are constantly dry or wet. Resistant to chemicals such as organic acids, inorganic acids, salts, and various types of alkalis. Able to withstand impact, abrasion, with excellent resistance to sharp temperature changes….

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Epoxy Mortar Installation Procedures

อีพ็อกซี่ มอตาร์

Epoxy Mortar Epoxy Mortar is a 3-component epoxy resin, an epoxy floor coating system. Solvent-free, composed of epoxy resin and sand, specially selected when the set material is strong. It is designed to be mixed with sand, used for leveling concrete surfaces, and for adjusting the thickness to the desired epoxy paint system. It increases…

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The difference between epoxy floor and PU floor


The difference between epoxy floor and PU floor PU (Polyurethane Floor System) is a floor coating designed to protect the concrete surface from water damage, moisture, acid-base, and chemicals. With properties that are as hard as concrete and durable, PU flooring has properties that epoxy floors don’t have, namely allowing moisture to flow through the…

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