Epoxy Coating Floor

epoxy coating

Epoxy Coating Floor Epoxy for coating concrete floors. The roller rolling system is resistant to impact, chemical resistance, and abrasion. Easy to clean and colorful. Epoxy Coating can be applied to areas that need to be careful about dust, such as hospital floors, medicine room floors, warehouse floors. To prevent dust from concrete, coating, storage…

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FRP Lining


FRP Lining Fiberglass surface coating Fiberglass is a reinforcing material with strong, durable properties that can withstand corrosion from acid, alkali, and chemicals as well. Does not rust, has a long service life Can be coated on smooth surfaces such as cement ponds, factory floors, or curved surfaces such as fiberglass tank coatings. Fiberglass coating…

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Floor Hardener

ฟลอร์ ฮาร์ดเดนเนอร์ (Floor Hardener) คือวัสดุที่ช่วยในการเพิ่มความแข็งแรงให้กับพื้นคอนกรีต แกร่งขึ้น ทนแรงขีดข่วน สามารถรับน้ำหนักได้ดีขึ้นและมีอายุการใช้งานที่ยาวนาน

Floor Hardener Is a material that helps to increase the strength of the concrete floor, being stronger, resistant to abrasion, able to withstand the weight better and having a long service life. Floor Hardener Suitable for factory floors, warehouses, parking lots, industrial factory floors, steel mills, power plants, shopping malls. or areas that need to…

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FiberGlass Mesh

ตาข่ายไฟเบอร์เสริมแรง (FiberGlass Mesh) งานกันซึม

Fiberglass Mesh for waterproofing fiberglass mesh cloth Helps to strengthen and increase adhesion to materials and surfaces better at cracking points. around the edges of the corners, the joints between the floor and the walls, including where cracks occur Strengthen the waterproofing material. Used in conjunction with polyurethane and acrylic waterproofing materials for coating. Fiberglass…

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Install XPS Foam insulation on Sheet Membrane Waterproofing


Install insulation sheet (XPS foam) below is Sheet Membrane Waterproofing blowing fire Rock Layer roof waterproofing system (Waterproofing Sheet Membrane) is a high-performance waterproofing rubber sheet. be strong Highly effective in preventing water leakage. and has a long service life Then when installed with insulation foam insulation XPS insulation, which installs foam insulation directly on…

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Crack Repair Low Pressure


How to repair cracks in concrete structures with low pressure (Crack Repair Low Pressure) Repair cracks in concrete, low-pressure structures When choosing a solution, it should look at some cracks that are less than 0.5 mm. The low-Pressure epoxy injection can be used, and low-viscosity epoxy should be selected to penetrate small cracks. workflow 1….

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Epoxy Resin Coating

งานทาอีพ็อกซี่เรซิ่น (Epoxy Resin) ทนทานต่อสารเคมีและการสึกกร่อนได้ดี ผิวหน้ามีลักษณะเป็นฟิล์มที่มีความแข็งและมันวาว เหมาะสำหรับใช้ป้องกันคอนกรีต

Epoxy Resin Good chemical and corrosion resistance The surface is a hard, glossy film. Suitable for protection of concrete floors and walls or areas that are exposed to chemicals, sewage treatment plants, etc. For the epoxy type commonly used for coating factory floors or concrete floors that do not emphasize much on beauty but focus…

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Crack Repairing by Epoxy Injection

ซ่อมแซมรอยร้าวคอนกรีต เสา คาน โดยการใข้ Epoxy Injection

Crack Repairing by Epoxy Injection The epoxy solution will fill in the cracks to repair the structure to be strong. Weld the cracks by spraying the solution. with high pressure, This will have high adhesion strength and good compressive strength. By cementing the cracks to be homogeneous, most of them are used to repair cracks…

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Sheet Membrane Waterproofing (Torch-on)

งานติดตั้ง Sheet Membrane Waterproofing

Sheet Membrane Waterproofing (Torch-on) It is a fire-blown bitumen waterproofing material 3-4 mm. thick. It is UV resistant and water retention is excellent for concrete roof decks. The area is quite open and smooth. Can pour concrete over it Can be mounted on the floor or external underground walls. Besides external walls, underground wells, too,…

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