Industrial Flooring Systems

Epoxy CoatingEpoxy Self-LevelingEpoxy MortarPolyurethane FloorChemical Resistance Coating (FRP Lining)

EPOXY COATING is a type of floor coating applied using a roller that results in a durable and chemical resistant finish. It is easy to clean and available in a variety of colours.


  1. Attractive colours, easy to clean, and will not breakdown
  2. Prevents fungal growth
  3. Prevents moisture
  4. Resistant to chemicals
  5. Easy to apply using a drum roll
  6. Attaches well with concrete


Appropriate to use for sealing of floor and walls, such as:

  1. Industrial Factories
  2. Storage, Malls, and showrooms, etc.
  3. Road line drawings.

Epoxy Self-Leveling : A coating of the Epoxy self-leveling will smoothen surface imperfections giving a level seamless finish. Dust will not stick to the coating and the finish can be polished.


  1. Attractive finish when polished
  2. Smooth
  3. Easy to clean and will not induce dust or other dirt
  4. Does not breakdown and resistant to chemicals
  5. Consist of a variety of colors to choose from
  6. Adheres to concrete flooring

Appropriate for membranes and wall sealing such as:

  1. Factories
  2. Storage, Malls, Showrooms, etc.
  3. Lab rooms, and experimental rooms
  4. Road line or parking lot line drawings

Epoxy Mortar : Coating floors with Epoxy mortar will make it resistant to melting, thus strengthening the material to be very durable. The carrying capacity is high, with a thickness around 4-6 mm.


  1. Will not melt and release any smell
  2. Adheres well to concrete
  3. Resistant to chemicals
  4. Durable and strong
  5. No breakdowns
  6. Can be coated with epoxy paint for aesthetics


Suitable for use as a coating on concrete. It is ideal for industrial floor space that is both dry or wet as the carrying capacity is high. It is also resistant to chemicals and can be coated with epoxy paint in a variety of colours for aesthetics.

Polyurethane Floor is designed for extreme use and is resistant to chemicals. It also prevents fungal and bacteria growth, and is resistant to extreme temperatures. The width of the floor is around 6-9 mm.


  1. Prevents bacteria and fungal growth
  2. Resistant to chemicals
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Able to resist temperature from -45 °C to 120 °C
  5. Resistant to extremely cold temperatures
  6. Strengthens floor
  7. Durable for extreme usage
  8. Will not emit odours during application


Appropriate for use in dry and wet areas of industrial factories, such as food, pharmaceutical, cold storage, or chemical factories.

Chemical Resistance Coating (FRP Lining : Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is a special fiberglass coating designed to prevent corrosion from chemicals. It is resistant to rust and changes in weather, is long lasting and can be applied vertically or to flat horizontal


  1. Able to outstand high temperatures
  2. Resistant to rust
  3. Variety of colors available
  4. Resistant to over 100 types of chemicals
  5. Easy to clean


  1. Chemical Manufacturing Factory or other factories using chemicals or acids
  2. Water waste dam or harsh chemical storage
  3. Chemical Removing Room or Chemical Storage Rooms